DD Michelangelo’s Alpha and Omega - Great Skin Biopsy!

DD Michelangelo's Alpha and Omega

Omega with first place ribbon at Indiana Invitational.

Stately Omega posing in the barn.

Omega's handsome romantic partner, Havana's Peruvian Cohiba.

Great Skin Biopsy! See the stats included here.

Just one look at Omega and one feel of her fiber and I knew I wanted to bring her to Clover Bottom Alpaca Ranch. That was in 2011. I am happy to announce that we made it happen in the Spring of 2014.

Omega came about when Dos Donas Alpaca Farm was looking for an extremely dense male to breed to Omega’s dam Zoey - a Conan daughter. They found him in El Nino’s Accoyo Michelangelo, whose density is in the high 90s (follicles/sq mm).

Omega's dam was one of the first females Dos Donas Farm biopsied and her mate was chosen based on biopsy statistics, as well. Dos Donas certainly achieved their goal with Omega, as her biopsy is well above her dam’s and definitely above average for huacayas, in general.

When Omega was born, you could feel the difference in density immediately. Her fleece is extremely dense – about 20 follicles/mm sq above average) and consistent. It is this consistency of micron that gives her such a wonderful handle.

Omega is an all-around, well put together female. She has a strong frame and large bone. However, it is her correct proportions and presence that always draws the attention of visitors.

Omega has proven herself to be a good dam who delivers unassisted. She throws color when bred to color. Her first cria was out of Havana's Peruvian Cohiba and his character and brightness were outstanding. He sold at just over 1 year of age.

Her second son, Seraphim, is out of LODA's Jon Luc, aka Lucca. He stands very square and proud, his conformation is correct with pleasing proportions, dense bone, heavy leg coverage and a beautiful head. The inside is as good as the outside with a bright well defined fleece and luscious handle. We liked him so much, that he came to join Clover Bottom Alpaca Ranch too. Both of Omega’s offspring have had her coverage, frame and presence.

She is now re-bred to Cohiba with a cria due in May, 2014. Cohiba’s cria have exhibited great character, and luster and his first son to reach maturity, Aficionado, has a density of 72.5 follicles/sq mm, which is well above the average of 40 follicles/sq mm!

But what else would you expect from Cohiba, with the impressive pedigree including such industry greats as Peruvian Bueno and Peruvian Dakotia.

Unfortunately, Cohiba passed away before his time in an unavoidable farm accident this summer. We feel fortunate to have some of his crias on the ground, and look forward to the birth of another Cohiba and Omega offspring in Spring 2014.

All alpaca have been halter trained.

Omega’s Skin Biopsy
  • Density: 66.5 follicles/mm sq
  • S/P Ratio: 11 to 1
  • Level 3/4 glands
  • 100% Secondary Medullation
  • 100 Secondaries Averaged 21.7 microns - 50 Primaries Averaged 29.7 microns

  • 1st Place: 2008 Indiana Invitational

  • Type: Female Huacaya
  • Status: Bred
  • Birth date: 11/28/2004
  • ARI #: 1409215
  • Color: Light Fawn
  • Service Sire: Havana’s Peruvian Cohiba
  • Price: $12,500

  • Sire: DD Cohiba
  • ARI#: 1376982
  • Skin Biopsy: Density of 60.5 follicles/sq mm
  • S/P Ration: 11.4 to 1
  • Level 4/4 Glands
  • 100% Secondary Medullation
  • 100 Secondaries Averaged: 26.7 microns
  • 50 Primaries Averaged: 31.2 Microns